Be Air Aware With Air North Texas

Heading into the height of ozone season, North Texans are encouraged to participate in Clean Air Action Day 2013 on June 21, with the goal of doing more for clean air by helping to reduce congestion and ozone-causing pollution. Sponsored by the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the campaign is themed Be Air Aware with Air

North Texas.

Individuals can participate by pledging to execute at least one clean air action for the entire day, that the individual does not normally do. It can range from parking the car for the day and getting around by carpooling, mass transit, bicycling or walking; reducing energy usage by changing light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFL), replacing older appliances with Energy Star qualified products; driving more air-friendly by idling less, observing speed limits and making sure their car meets state emission and inspection standards; or by combining errands or using technology to work from home to minimize travel.

More than 6 million residents impact the air in North Texas, so each simple clean air choice adds up to make a difference in overall air quality.

For more information about Clean Air Action Day, call 817-704-5639 or visit

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