Annual Natural Living Directory (Advertiser Info)

The Natural Awakenings Annual Natural Living Directory (ANLD): 

One time investment – An Entire Year of Exposure
to the local consumers most interested in Personal and Planetary Health!

Natural Awakenings Annual Natural Living Directory Dallas Fort Worth Metro North- houseIf your business helps people live better (healthier, happier, more sustainably, more balanced or with greater peace-of-mind), the Natural Awakenings North Texas Annual Natural Living Directory (ANLD) is the place your business needs to  need to be!

Each year this special edition is organized and designed to put you at their fingertips in three powerful ways:

Category Listings put you where people are searching.   Find the categories that suit your business so when readers are searching (for certain modalities, health or lifestyle solutions, products, services or events …. YOU’RE easy to find.

Practitioner or Business Profiles:  1/3 page mini-articles designed to clearly and concisely call out what your mission and passion, what you have to offer and what makes your business special!

Display Ads:  Your ‘salesperson’ in print, the traditional ‘ad’ anchors any campaign.  It provides the visual interest to ‘stand out’ on the page, attract the readers eye, pique their interest and compel them to take the ‘next step.

The ANLD is designed to encourage readers to KEEP & REFER TO IT ALL YEAR, giving your brand ALL YEAR EXPOSURE.

This special issue is distributed as a PRINTED edition, and as a DIGITAL / FLIP-STYLE edition which is available online, all year.

Each month, Natural Awakenings North Texas reaches more than 60,000 local readers, who are interested in healthy, natural, sustainable lifestyles.  Our readers pick up  Natural Awakenings North Texas free each month at more than 700 locations, receive it free by email, and/or read and share it online in a digital, flip-style format. While many readers tell us they keep Natural Awakenings North Texas as a resource in their library, this issue is designed to provide some general resources, such as a holistic glossary, not found in the monthly edition.  Together with the special cover and interior layout, the ANLD is our best, easiest ‘GO TO’ edition.

Advertisers in the Natural Awakenings North Texas ANLD benefit from the affordable rates, and the opportunity to be in front of our 60,000+ highly engaged and dedicated ‘healthy lifestyle’ readers in Collin, Denton, Rockwall & far north Tarrant counties – all year long.   

The Annual Natural Living Directory is the perfect edition to join the Natural Awakenings community and align your brand with your values!

Missed the deadline for the Print edition of our ANLD?   You can still purchase an ad, profile and / or listing(s) in our monthly issue.  Contact us for more info. 


Three awesome ways to present your business to our ‘green & healthy lifestyle’ consumers.

Samples and sample pages below.*




Practitioner / Business Profile: A short, article-style presentation of your business, designed to call out your specific areas of focus and expertise, what makes you unique.  Profile is also included in our online Directory with link to your website.

Profile Includes:

Business Name / Practitioner Name

Color Photo or Logo

Endnote with contact address, contact info and, if you have purchased a display ad, ‘See ad page xx’, to help direct the reader to your ‘Sales Person in Print (Your Ad) for more info / a call-to-action.


Profiles must meet Natural Awakenings style and standards, so we write your profile for you using responses you give us on a simple e questionnaire.

Click link download the Business or Practitioner Profile Submission Form




Natural Awakenings DIRECTORY listing

Category Listing:  Over 100 categories from which to choose, or talk to us about a custom category.

These listings includes three lines for:

Street Address,
Phone • Website

+ 1 Color Photo or Logo + Short Description.
Additional lines & words available.  Ask about rates. (Sample includes extra line & words.)

$129 each category; $299 for three. $69 each thereafter.

Click here to submit your Directory Listing.



Display ads: Your ‘salesperson’ in print, the traditional ‘ad’ anchors any campaign.  It provides the visual interest to ‘stand out’ on the page, attract the readers eye, pique their interest and compel them to take the ‘next step.

Click here to request more info.

$150 and up.


All-in Packages:  Ad + Profile + Listing(s)   Created to harness all the marketing tools Natural Awakenings provides, these packages can give you 3-7 impressions to help you get noticed…. and remembered!

Request more info about ‘all in’ package options.




























































*Samples are for general explanation purposes only.  Character and line limits apply. Exact look / layout changes a little year to year.

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