Angel of Water Arrives in DFW

nb_DFW COLON CARE - TREATMENT ROOM - 20151202_154731-adjAfter providing colonic irrigation therapy services to North Texas for more than 12 years, DFW Colon Care has introduced the Angel of Water system, a comfortable and hygienic and very easy to get in and out of. Its low-profile design means clients don’t need to use a step stool. Additionally, the basin is deeper than most other systems, making the session much more comfortable and hygienic, and a personal shower sprayer, mounted for clients’ use afterwards, affords those that prefer it a means for freshening up in privacy before getting dressed.

Stress is one of the main reasons for constipation and irregularity, causing waste to become trapped in the elimination system, which can cause major discomfort and decrease our ability to live an optimal quality of life.

Location: 17810 Davenport Rd., Ste. 108, Dallas. For ap- pointments, call 972-380-4845. For more information, visit

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