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crg_amy-egan1a-adjOwner of Texas Parenting and Inner Evolution, Amy Egan is a life and parenting coach who focuses on helping parents learn the skills to gain cooperation, reduce or eliminate power struggles and raise kids with solid self-esteem that are equipped to face the real world. She coaches privately, speaks to groups and teaches courses. Egan, a parent of two grown children, says she came to know and embrace the Love and Logic approach when she became frustrated with her young children, and felt there must be a better way.

“I believe, no matter the current situation in the parent/ child dynamic, with effective parenting skills, a relationship can go from dismal to loving,” says Egan. “Parenting teens can be such a tumultuous time. I find that if a parent has some effective, solid skills, those teen years go much more smoothly.”

Egan also coaches women’s groups and finds it is a great complement to the parent coaching techniques she teaches. “Peace in life comes down to harmony in relationships. Our Inner Evolution groups help women to realize that being true to themselves is a great gift to others in their lives and helps members to find more peace using tools that include setting boundaries, taking excellent care of themselves and remaining focused on the moment.”

Egan believes that one of the principles of peaceful relationships and life satisfaction is learning that we can only control ourselves. She says, “I love helping our parents find their inner strength, which leads to more appropriate balance of power in parent/child, work, marriage and other relationships. Confidence and strength beget respect from others, clarity and inner peace.”

For a parent coaching consultation or speaking engagement, call Egan at 214-356-7646 or visit Inner Evolution offers weekly group meetings in Allen and private sessions in Plano, Allen, Dallas and McKinney. For more information, visit

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