Air North Texas Encourages Clean Air Options

At the height of ozone season, North Texans are encouraged to participate in Clean Air Action Day 2012, on July 7, with a goal of improving air quality by reducing ozone-causing pollution. Sponsored by Air North Texas, a regional air
quality public awareness campaign and partnership, the event began three years ago as a way for individuals to recognize the difference each person can make in air quality through simple individual choices.

Individuals can pledge to execute at least one clean air action between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., July 7, that they do not normally do. Examples include: carpooling, using mass transit, bicycling or walking; reducing energy use by changing light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFL); idling your car less; observing posted speed limits; combining errands; and more.

High ozone levels can make it more difficult to breathe deeply, causing shortness of breath and pain, coughing and a sore or scratchy throat. Breathing ozone polluted air also aggravates lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema and chronic
bronchitis. Children, the elderly and people with lung diseases are more sensitive to ozone, but even healthy adults can be affected.

With more than 6 million residents impacting the air in North Texas, each simple clean air choice can add up to make a difference in overall air quality. With Clean Air Action Day occurring on a Saturday, weekend-friendly actions like walking day trips will be emphasized for individual and business group participation. Participants are encouraged to upload photos, videos and stories about the actions they take for clean air.

In addition to Clean Air Action Day, this ozone season Air North Texas is asking North Texas businesses, governments and individuals to Be Air Aware by taking action on critical Air Pollution Watch days. This can help reduce ozone levels and improve the health of North Texans. Learn about the different strategies you can implement by visiting the Air North Texas website.

To sign up for Air Pollution Watches and Warnings, visit For more
information about Clean Air Action Day, call 817-704-5639 or visit

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