A Unique Getaway for the Crafty Minded

nb_Creative Cottage - Guests Work-b - Cottage pinterest project fun-adj-cropCreative Cottage has been providing a comfortable and fun getaway for women to join together in fellowship and do a craft or hobby that they love since 2007. Part of the experience includes enjoying amazing food and a crafting space that anticipates their needs while spending time with friends and recharging themselves before they step back in their roles as mother, grandmother, wife, caregiver, sister or friend.

Creative Cottage is for women of all ages that love to get away with their friends and indulge in their favorite crafting hobby; scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, beading or making Pinterest projects. They also have a talented massage therapist, an amazing chef and a fully furnished kitchen.

Owners Melody Schell and Susanne DeMattia wanted a place that was reasonably priced, with good lighting, comfortable chairs, specialty crafting equipment, lots of chocolate and good food they didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for where could stay in their pajamas all day if they wanted.

Location: 3847 FM 1461, McKinney. For pricing and more information, call 972- 898-9470 or visit CreativeCottageRetreat.com.

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