Dieting and the Brain

Not eating or restricting your eating is the last thing you want to do to lose weight and feel better about yourself. Excessive dieting reduces neurons, jeopardizes the brain  and eats away at your muscles. The brain sends out distress signals and begins to alter your personality. In order to lose weight and feel better, eliminate the wrong foods, such as processed, fried and chemical-laden items, and add more of the following foods in correctly sized portions:

Coffee – one cup of coffee without additives improves attention and problem solving

Blueberries – helps protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Spinach and leafy greens – rich in B vitamins that help ignite euphoric mood-boosters

Flaxseed and avocado – the right kind of fat essential for blood circulation and optimal brain functioning

Peppermint – the scent assists with focus and performance, so add some to tea or water

Salmon – improves cognition and alertness with Omega-3 fatty acids

Oatmeal – great morning start to curb irritability and an energy crash

Kip Watson, a licensed counselor and certified personal trainer in Frisco, TX. For more information, call 972-380-1842.

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