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Kip Watson isn’t your average therapist. Watson is a high-performance coach, sports psychology professional and therapist. With all these tools at her disposal, Watson helps her clients excel at whatever they choose.

While she works with individuals, professionals, athletes and teams, Watson believes sports provide a great way to explain what she does and why it’s critical. For example, she describes, in the game of football, everyone needs to be fast, strong and fit, but the mental skills of a high-achieving running back are different from a quarterback or defensive end.

The ideal situation in life for anyone is where passion about something matches their physical and mental strengths. In other words, they are naturally “wired” to excel in the field or at a specific position. But that’s not always how it works out. Many find themselves in a sport or job and changing isn’t an option. They know the position, they have the knowledge, they’re physically prepared, yet often it requires mental training to go from average to awesome.

Through a three-step evaluation and assessment, Watson helps clients discover their “Brain Code” and pinpoint innate strengths and weaknesses. She customizes a plan to improve their mental and life skills so they can achieve consistent high performance in their realm of choice.
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