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RECLAIM HEALTH: Dr. Laura Precourt, DC

Dr. Laura Precourt, DC

ReClaim Health Founded by Dr. Laura Precourt, in 2003, in Plano, ReClaim Health offers several healing modalities that include NAET allergy elimination technique, infrared and cold laser therapy, SpineMed Decompression therapy, endocardiograph/heart sound recorder, micro-current biofeedback therapy, cleanse/detox programs, Applied Kinesiology and nutritional and lifestyle education curricula.

She notes, “I now practice under a license of doctor of pastoral medicine (PSc.D), which allows me to practice functional medicine so I can teach people how to correct the underlying cause of the dysfunction in order to reduce or eliminate the need for medications, relieve symptoms, repair damage and allow people to truly reclaim their health.”

Precourt a worked as a paramedic and gained five years of experience working in gastroendoscopy, family practice and internal medicine. She has completed more than 500 hours of postgraduate study in advanced clinical nutrition, functional blood chemistry, functional brain chemistry and functional endocrinology.

She states, “I am committed to serving our patients by educating them to increase their potential for healing, health and wellness in all three dimensions of life—physical, biochemical and spiritual/emotional.”
Location: 2237 W. Parker Rd., Ste. F, Plano. For appointments, call 972-9439355. For more information, visit

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