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Practitioner Profile: Dr. Abraham Jacob, M.D., FACC


Board-certified cardiologist Dr. Abraham Jacob, M.D., FACC

Abraham Jacob, M.D., FACC

Heart & Vitality

Since founding Heart & Vitality in 2012, board-certified cardiologist Dr. Abraham Jacob has been treating clients’ entire bodies. After practicing interventional cardiology for 10 years, Dr. Jacob received specific additional training in Age Management Medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

He states, “One of the key items in looking and feeling well is optimizing those messengers within our body known as hormones to make you look and feel younger. Within my practice, I have the means to identify and treat comorbidities that affect us individually as we continue to age. In addition to hormone optimization therapy, as a board-certified cardiologist I provide cardiovascular screening using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. Without using pharmaceutical agents, we treat acute and chronic pain. We also provide weight loss programs and nutritional guidance.”

Jacob provides comprehensive blood work for early detection of disease processes that affect people as they age, including HRT with bioidentical hormones, the latest in ultrasound tools for cardiovascular health evaluation, cold laser therapy for acute and chronic pain relief and a detailed consultation and assessment by a fitness and nutritional expert.

heart-and-vitalityLocation: 4100 W. 15th St., Ste. 112, Plano. For appointments, call 972-596-7399. For more information, visit

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