Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety

 kipwatson_27412012-08-best-headshotby Anne ‘Kip’ Watson


It is during high-level competitions that the frequency of mental blocks and fear intensifies and it seems like the brain explodes as neurological activity increases. The mind races with stressful thoughts and believes no solution for change exists. Lack of confidence increases and it appears the mind is out of control.


When anxiety is triggered, it sends messages to the brain and body, and the hormone cortisol is released. Muscles tighten up, delivering a mechanical style of movement. Doubt and hesitation increase. Less agility, fluidity and accuracy occur in movement. Often, no matter how hard an athlete tries, they can’t seem to execute their skills as they did before. What used to be easy, now seems difficult.

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holistic-dentistry-kids-59acfda6Kids Do Best with Holistic Dentistry

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fit-for-life-9f5d1b17How to Stay Healthy, Flexible and Strong

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Easy-Grow Microgreens Are Big on Nutrition

Fast, fun to grow and packed with flavor and nutrition, tender young microgreens can go from seed to table in as little as a week. Close cousins to edible sprouts, microgreens are grown in potting soil or seed-starting mixes instead of plain water. They customarily grow beyond the sprout stage until they have produced a true leaf or two. After that, harvesting is a simple matter of snipping off fresh greens.

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Dr. Robyn Abramczyk

Dr. Robyn Abramczyk

by Gina Cronin

When it comes to pediatric dentistry, many parents are seeking practitioners who are more conservative in their approach and attempt to heal teeth naturally. When Dr. Abramczyk evaluates and diagnoses cavities, she also gathers a diet and oral hygiene history while looking at motivation patterns in the child and patients. From mercury to fluoride, guardians are straying away from many conventional practices that are proving to have adverse effects; and instead choosing methods that are responsible, safe and effective for their little ones. Dr. Robyn Abramczyk, DDS, NMD, IBDM, MS of Smile Ranch Dentistry, practices general dentistry with a holistic approach, and is a member of the International Holistic Dental Association, International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, among many other associations.

“Many of the parents who come to me are extremely educated and well-read, and choose natural and organic products for themselves and their families,” says Dr. Abramczyk. “They visit my office because they are aware of the effect of fluoride on the physiological system and are seeking safe and biocompatible materials.” Some patients come in for a second, third or fourth opinion on treatment plans, such as baby root canals, where other dentists are suggesting to place stainless steel crown or silver filling. Dr. Abramczyk instead uses composite, white fillings that are organic, non-toxic, biocompatible, fluoride-free, gluten-free, BPA-free, heavy metal-free and much safer for kids. Dr. Abramczyk discusses diet supplements, homeopathy and mineral pastes that often help remineralize teeth and potentially avoid invasive treatment plans. When a child needs fillings, Dr. Abramczyk cleans out the cavity and ozonates the tooth, before placing the biocompatible composite. She also uses a fluoride-free mineral toothpaste.

“We also have patients who have been diagnosed with methy- lenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) mutations,” says Dr. Abramczyk. “These patients are poor detoxifiers, so we need to ap- proach them differently with diet and supplementation. It’s also not appropriate to administer nitrous oxide or laughing gas to those with an MTHFR mutation, as patients, especially children, can respond negatively.” Parents who bring their children in for extensive treatments do have the option of IV sedation, where a medical doctor who is an anesthesiologist can come in to administer it.

Many parents also bring their children in for a frenectomy, which is a procedure used to correct a congenital condition when the lingual (tongue) or labial (lip) frenulum is tight, resulting in restriction of function potentially resulting in difficulty breastfeeding and other concerns such as dental, digestive and speech issues. After the procedure, Dr. Abramczyk educates parents on stretches that they will need to assist the baby in performing post operatively. There is also a cranial sacral therapist and body worker on staff at Smile Ranch Dentistry, who can aid in the release, resulting in better speech, increased vocabulary and rapid healing of the condition.

Smile Ranch Dentistry is committed to making sure each visit is relaxing for the child. Before treat- ments, there are homeopathic supplements, massage therapy, essential oils and more that can be utilized to keep children calm. “We really like the parents to play role in every decision,” says Abramczyk. “We are supportive of what parents want to do and they are never pressured on treatment options. Whether they want to come back into the room for procedures, use nitrous oxide to calm their children or call in a doctor for IV sedation, the options are available.”

Aside from the many treatments currently available for kids, Smile Ranch Dentistry will be welcoming another doctor to the team this spring, who will be providing a very unique orthodontic approach. The orthodontist is classically trained, but provides the increasingly popular functional orthodontics. This alternative to straightening teeth offers natural growth guidance that ensures a child has a correctly size maxima and mandible, which allows the teeth to align naturally, and improves the airways. Both the structure and the function of the lips, tongue and facial muscles are evaluated and harmonized for maximum orthodontic result.

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Laundry List

eco-laundry-28a9b244Cool Tips to Save Money and Energy

Following eco-friendly laundry tips can save on energy, water usage and utility bills, making it good for both the planet and the bank account. The laundry results, too, may be better for some loads. advises that 90 percent of the energy consumed while running a wash load is used to heat the water, so the average household can eliminate as much as 350 pounds of carbon emissions and save about $40 annually by turning the knob to cold. It also notes that some protein-heavy stains, like perspiration and blood, can become more set into the fabric when washed in hot water, which can also shrink synthetic fibers.

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Watch the Birdie

selfies-harm-animals-e6fad637Selfies Promote Animal Cruelty and Death

Zachary Crockett, of, has found that since 2014, 49 people were killed in attempts to take pictures of themselves with wild creatures. Although there are no statistics on how many animals have been harmed due to selfies, wildlife organizations such as Care for the Wild International are appealing to the public to stop using animals as props.

Visitors to China’s Yunnan Wild Animal Park lured captive peacocks from their enclosure and grabbed them by their tails. The birds died as a result. Another group of people at a beach in Argentina was filmed mobbing a baby Franciscana dolphin, an endangered species, while taking pictures, resulting in its death likely through shock and severe dehydration from being removed from the water for too long.

Due to the high demand by tourists to take pictures with wild animals, special photographic settings are popping up in Mexico, Europe and Morocco. However, the Association for British Travel Agents stated that no legitimate sanctuary would allow animals to be used as photo props.

Fungus Among Us

genetically-altered-mushrooms-97f7e2a4Genetically Altered Mushrooms Approved for Consumption

Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) is a new method of editing genomes of farm animals and food crops. White button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) that have been genetically modified to delay the natural browning process are the first CRISPR-edited organisms to receive approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Yinong Yang, a plant pathologist from Penn State University, crafted the modified mushrooms by targeting the family of genes responsible for the browning effect seen in produce when sliced and exposed to oxygen. Yang was able to reduce the browning enzyme’s work by 30 percent and was granted approval from the USDA because no foreign or altered DNA was integrated into the mushroom genome. The department only assesses whether there’s a risk that the new modified variety of an organism could become a weed or “pest” to other plants.

The mushrooms may still be subject to Food and Drug Administration or Environmental Protection Agency regulations. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine are in discussions about developing a new set of rules for the biotech industry in the next five to 10 years.

Heave Ho

abandoned-fishing-gear-18d6db4dAbandoned and Lost Fishing Gear Pollutes the Seas

Abandoned and lost fishing gear such as traps, crab pots and nets litter the ocean floor in coastal areas worldwide, continuing to attract, entrap and kill fish and other marine life. The Associated Press reports that global nonprofits, governments and companies are engaged in efforts to retrieve and recycle as many of the items as possible to protect the environment, save marine life and reduce hazards to marine navigation.

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